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Collaboration With

Richard McGuire

We've always admired Richard McGuire's illustrations for the new yorker and we're super excited to share some of these drawings with you. We feel these joyful little characters speak to our mission at Linus, a spirit of inclusiveness and a vision of a world on bikes, happily riding along.

When we reached out to McGuire we were amazed to discover the range and accomplishment of his work as an artist. His comics have appeared in The New York Times, McSweeney's, Le Monde, and Libération. He has written and directed two omnibus feature films: Loulou et Autre Loups (Loulou and Other Wolves, 2003), and Peur(s) du Noir (Fears of the Dark, 2007). He has also designed and manufactured his own line of toys, and he is the founder and bass player of the legendary post-punk band Liquid Liquid. His 1989 six-page comic Here, was quickly seen as a transformative work that expanded the possibilities of the comic medium, and its influence continues to be felt twenty five years after its publication.

Hope you enjoy this collaboration as much as we do.

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