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"I bought my Linus bike (named Lucy) four years ago and I have never been more happier with my purchase! Linus bikes are very popular in New York City and so that my Lucy looks like no other Linus bicycle, I outfitted her with pretty paniers and a wood-bottom basket. I get tons of compliments on my bicycle and love it! Thank you for making such a beautiful bicycle that rides as good as it looks. :)"


"I just purchased my 1st bike in over 12 years & I must say that this is by far one of the best purchases I've made in quite some time!
I rode the bike yesterday for the very 1st time during the LA Tweed Ride & the ride on the Gaston 3 is Simply Superb!!!
Thank you for crafting such a wonderful bike & helping me revive so many wonderful childhood memories I had riding bikes growing up"

-"Marlon D."

"I first saw Linus bikes at a store in Chicago, IL in 2009. 2 city moves later, and I finally purchased a Mixte 8 Speed in a lovely cream color.

I've named her Lucy. She is my pride and joy. I took her out for a spin on a clear crisp January afternoon in Silver Lake, California, after picking her up from your Venice store.

On my ride, I noticed how smoothly she shifted, how quickly she responded. She feels sturdy and true, and lets me power up steep hill climbs, blow down the back side of those hills, and do so in style (all while feeling safe because I know she's going to perform when I need her to.)

Riding a bike to me has always felt like flying, and now that I have a bike this nice, I feel safer and more confident during the journey. I love my new bike so so so so so so much!"

-"Lauren B."

"Never mind the Linus Roadster Classic being one of the most functional and economical bicycles available. This may be the world's most perfect vehicle. Period."

-"The Screaming Monkey Bike Blog"

"Whether you're looking for an adventure into the city or simply in search of the perfect vehicle to dodge all the rustle and bustle of L.A. traffic, Linus Bikes are guaranteed to be the perfect pick."

-"The Squirrel Co."

"This bike speaks to me in a way not many new bikes can. I think that is one reason I am seeing so many on the local roads.
The other reason they are so popular, is the quality that is built-in through-out the bike. The fit and finish is evident. The ride and feel are so very smooth."

-Bob, "Turbo Bob's Bicycling Blog"

"...The Roadster Classic from Linus Bikes. I love the clean simple lines (and adorable accessories). I took it for a test spin last weekend and it rides like a dream."

-Caroline, "Looks Good to Me"

"I love the simplicity and elegance of a single-speed bike like the Linus—no gears to shift, no brakes to fiddle with other than a simple coaster brake. It reminds me of riding a bike when I was a kid and has been so seamless to get accustomed too. I'm looking forward to putting marking off many more miles over the upcoming summer months."

-Laura, "Smith & Ratliff"

"If you want to start bike commuting...and want a new bike, get this one. The Linus Roadster 8 has everything you need and it's beautiful and it's not that expensive, as far as bikes go. Trust me- I have a blog."

-"Tales from the Sharrows

"A Linus bike is just what I need for riding around campus or my hometown while still looking adorable. The best part about Linus bikes is that they're affordable, even for a college student! I can't wait to ride around on my new stylish bike and show off to all my friends. With an attractive bike, I'll be able to enjoy biking even more."

-Kerri Potter, "Ladies Mountain Bike"

"When I was in NYC I saw so many cute bicycles! It seems every time I went to check out the brand, it was a Linus. I love the smart design and they look super chic in action."

-Chelsea Fuss, "Frolic!"

" A big reason I choose this bike over the others I looked at was because it had lots of gears, it was the lightest urban cruiser style bike available right now which means I can pick it up! And it is modeled after vintage 1950s/1960s-style French bicycles. I heart my new bike."

-Courtney Strand, "CopyStrands"

"I got a new bike, and I absolutely LOVE it!!! It's a Linus Dutchie 3. After a trip to Denmark several years ago, I've been in love with this style commuter bike. Wearing a skirt and sandals + biking = WINNING!"

-Lea, "House Obsession"

"We got Lenny (Linus Mixte 3) at the flagship Abott-Kinney store. I get mad street cred riding this guy around town – and I ride him EVERYWHERE! In a city of beach cruisers and fixies, I like having three gears and functioning brakes. "

- Olga, "Superfora"

"I love riding my Linus – this one is perfect for me...attractive, light, and fast."

-"Fashion Fingerprint"

"I love bicycles and there are many out there that I would happly throw down large amounts of cash for and not even think twice – but there is something wonderful about a beautiful, well designed bike available to everyone – no matter your budget. The creators of Linus Bikes have accomplished just that."

-Henry Harless, "Henry & Co"

Your serial number is stamped on the frame of your bicycle, on the underside of the crank. Please reference #1 in the diagram for pedal bikes. For the Felix e6100 and Ember e6100, the serial number is location on top of the crank.